Selling Your Cell Phone? We Recommend Shopping These Places

As technology continues to evolve, the necessity to stay relevant is something everyone struggles with. This is particularly the case with devices. It seems as if a new version of a tablet, phone, or musical implement comes out every few months. Cell phones continue to be a driving point for people. Upgrades are thrown around like confetti at a child’s birthday party, and thus one’s phone can become obsolete within a short amount of time. As a way of keeping up with the times, many resort to selling their older phones for profit. This endeavor can be complicated and time consuming. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there’s not much personal time to go out and find a suitable buyer. Duly, the process in general can be confusing in terms of actually finding a place willing to buy back your older phone. Need not to worry — as multiple online platforms cater directly to those willing to sell their cell phones.

Here are a few places in which you can sell your cell phones for a nice profit:


MaxBack is a company rooted in the purchasing of previously used electronics. Within this umbrellas exists both cell phones and iPhones. As promoted on the front page of its website, MaxBack offers maximum payouts for these devices. According to the site, customers on average will receive payments for their cellphones in three days or less. By filling out a simple questionnaire inquiry, prospective customers will be put in touch with a MaxBack specialist to further facilitate the potential transaction. One could opt to sell a single phone — or phones in bulk.


Gazelle offers a number of strong proclamations on its website — including something called The Gazelle Advantage. According to Gazelle, this stipulation will pay customers money for mobile devices in any condition (including damaged). The company prides itself on having facilitated the transaction of millions of devices both bought and sold. Customers can receive money through Paypal, an Amazon gift card, or even a check. Same-day payment is also an added bonus for those looking to get cash quick.

Amazon Electronics Trade-In

As multi-faceted as practically any goods website, Amazon also offers a trade-in/selling section within its vast empire. Customers can discover the value of their specific mobile device by searching it within the intricate filtration system on Amazon’s homepage. In the event one wants another phone, there are trade-in categories made available. Smartphones of all kinds — including iPhones and Samsung products — are all neatly compiled and listed according to price, size, and brand.

As one can see, there are plenty of exciting online options for those wanting to sell their mobile phones and thus make a profit off of them. It’ll be up to the customer to determine which exact platform suits their individual needs.

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