The Arm Implant Birth Control Option is Growing in Popularity

Over the course of time, doctors and scientists have developed a number of different contraceptives. These pregnancy preventative measures continue to become more and more advanced in correspondence with technological improvements. Condoms, pills, rings, and other measures are quite popular. However, doctors have developed a tool with a near 99 percent effective rate. It’s called the birth control implant.

Also known as Nexplanon, this small stick-like item is embedded into the individual’s arm. From here, it releases hormones to the rest of the body — thus nixing ovulation and the fertilization of sperm in the egg. Doctors insist this specific tool will prevent pregnancy for roughly four years.

There are some nice things about the implant. For one, the individual doesn’t have to worry about changing it out monthly, weekly, or even daily. It’ll sit in the arm without a second thought. Should the individual reverse course and decide they do indeed want to be pregnant, the extracting of this implant is quick and painless. It can be done immediately — which then enables the individual to have the possibility of getting pregnant rather rapidly (should they choose to).

The arm will be numbed with a small injection. From there, the item is delicately placed underneath the skin. While the initial shot may be somewhat unpleasant, the actual putting in of the small stick should be pain-free. Once the stick is in, individuals must monitor the arm for any discoloration. While rare, it’s still mindful to keep an eye on the area where the stick was embedded. Should there be some potential issue, contacting the doctor would be highly advised.

Interestingly enough, there are some health benefits in possessing the arm implant. For one, it’s said to help on cutting down period cramps. Additionally, this specific birth control method is estrogen-free. As such, it offers availability to a wider range of people. Cost-wise, most implants are free with the presence of certain health insurance packages. Obamacare also aids tremendously in offering cost-effective options.

Though the implant may appear to be a bit nerve-wracking for some people, it’s truly proven to be an effective, safe, and easy method in preventing pregnancy.