Top Franchises to Start Under $25k

Starting a franchise can be an accessible path to business ownership, especially for entrepreneurs with limited capital. The franchising model provides a proven brand, systems, and support. If you have less than $25,000 saved up, you still have options. Here are some top franchises that can be launched for under $25k.

Affordable Food Franchises

Food franchises tend to have lower startup costs and provide recession resilience. Janitorial and home service franchises are also more affordable. Specific brands in these sectors that require under $25k include The UPS Store, Cruise Planners, and Jazzercise.

The UPS Store franchise fee is $2k to $29k depending on location and discounts. Total costs average $152k to $297k. Cruise Planners has a low franchise fee of $695 to $10,950. Initial investment ranges from $2,095 to $22,067. Jazzercise is a dance fitness franchise with no franchise fee. Initial investment starts at $2,500.

Tech-Based Franchises

Some tech-focused franchises also have relatively low startup costs. Website brokerage Digital Exits only requires $9,500 to $21,000 total investment. Social media marketing agency SocialFix costs $9,800 to $23,000 to launch. Both leverage online tools to operate.

Pet Care Franchises

Pet care is a $96 billion market in the U.S., so brands like Woofie’s and The Pet Butler offer recession-resistant services. As home-based mobile grooming and pet care franchises, they have low overhead. Woofie’s only requires $15k total startup costs. The Pet Butler needs around $15k to $20k.

Doing Your Research

Within franchising sectors known for lower costs, conducting thorough due diligence is key. Examine the franchise disclosure document and consult with an attorney to fully understand the opportunity before investing.

For less than $25k, aspiring business owners can launch rewarding, established franchises in growth sectors like tech, pets and food. With smart research, this accessible path to entrepreneurship can pay off.